Opportunities for COVID-19 survivors

Have you had the coronavirus? If so, check out the following projects to see how you could help! Contact us if you would like to add a project to this list.


Given that you're less likely to catch it again, taking essential jobs that require working with the public could save lives! Find a job through our match-making agency, or checkout jobs on Google.


If you have tested positive for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) you may be immune. You could help by donating plasma, participating in clinical research or assisting health workers with Identify the Immune.

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Check out the coronavirus merchandise! There’s something for everyone. And 10% of the proceed will go to the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, an organization working in biosecurity, and vetted by the charity evaluator Open Philanthropy Project.


You can volunteer to deliver groceries and supplies to the most at-risk community members with Invisible Hands (currently only available in New York and New Jersey).